Important: Due to browser limitations, the WebGL version must be made truly full screen (not just enlarged) to allow proper click-and-drag and middle-clicks.

The target demographic for this is prototype is kids aged 7-10  who may not have used all three mouse buttons on a computer because they've grown up with touch screen devices. It has the fundamental mechanics in place and a gentle tutorial process that guides the user through the interactions necessary to complete each stage. It can and may be expanded to include real difficulty and a timed mechanism, as well as additional interaction types to expand the challenge. It is currently not very challenging at all, but is a light-hearted and pleasant experience.

Rather than force the user the figure out the mechanics, I focused most of my time on making the introduction to the mechanics polished and gentle. Many visual "affordances" and a tutorial-like process guides them through this, with nice affirmations/sayings along the way. This game is not targeted toward advanced computer users or lovers of complex puzzles.

AuthorBeard or Die
Made withUnity
Average sessionA few minutes
AccessibilityInteractive tutorial

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