A downloadable game for Windows

An easy and small game made of colorful, simple puzzle games that aim to visualize the active work necessary to maintain a healthy, loving relationship... in a very, VERY small way. It trickles out a time-honored definition of love that is simultaneously beautiful and challenging.

There's no menu, so use ESC to quit, F5 to reload, M to toggle Music Mute, and if you really can't persevere through a stage, use right bracket to skip it. Credits appear at the end, also they appear right here:

  • Odin Inspector (commercial): editor tools
  • MMFeedbacks Public (free on github): game juiciness game-feelness
  • IconMonstr.com: Icons
  • Casual Puzzle World Sounds Free: sfx and background music track
  • Me: Mini-game programming, some art, and slapping it all together


Loosely-Coupled.zip 27 MB


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I really like the concept and how polished it is but it was really hard to tell what the enemys are

Fair point. Since there's no way to lose, hopefully everyone eventually figures it out. The shake and sound effect is supposed to be an indicator feedback.

Hey dude! Been a while, but I saw your itch account and followed it. Can't wait to try out your game. :)

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Thanks, it's just a tiny little thing. As usual the concept was larger than I had time to properly implement. You still doing ML-Agent stuff? I feel like I haven't seen an update on your YouTube channel in awhile. I'll have to double check. ... And I just did. So been 10 months since last ML agent stuff. One of the hurdles for me is that I find it a nuisance to install so many specific versions of python, pip, and other packages. I wish all that work could be done pure c# so I don't ever have to pip anything again.

Alas, I got busy with a paid side gig. Making those videos takes a lot of time, and as much as I like the continual updates for ML Agents, creating content that stays relevant, or re-making/upgrading so many tutorial projects, just really didn't fit into my current time budget.