This is the first course assignment for the 2018 Unity Mastery Course.

There are only two levels, but at least they are moderately challenging. I implemented some intermediate features such as alternate sounds for differing platform types (grass, metal, wood, ice/snow, water); context-aware jump and landing sounds, cancelable jumping, jump-down through platform (hold down and press the jump button when standing on a platform); context-sensitive helper GUI; adjustable volume sliders for SFX and Music on the pause menu; Mega-man style death sequence.

WASD or Arrow Keys (recommend Arrow Keys)
Left Control for Cancelable Jump (or Space for non-cancelable Jump; recommend Left Control)
Hold Left Shift to run
Enter or Escape to Pause

Known Problems, not going to fix:
Don't press "Quit to Main Menu" from the Pause screen - all it does is mess up the Controls screen. Instead, press F5 to reload (this will work on the Windows build also)


Download 19 MB

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