A downloadable gamejamgame for Windows

Made in <72 hours for Games Plus Jam, Feb 16-18, 2018.

Now then, each player that used to play this game after awhile may become somewhat disorientated by the distortion of spacetime. To this day, players from around the galaxy and beyond will claim to foreknow of its challenges to ones perspective of reality from now on. The time will transpire to get real. That time has already come. This is not merely realtime. This was, is, and will have been Better Than Realtime. Currently, legend has it that you have mastered the challenges that will be presented to you at this time. Have you been ready? Were you set? Are you beginning? Is this even finished yet? Time has told.

Disclaimer: You are now being disclaimed. A mouse with a scrollwheel should be used to play this proto-mini-game. A trackpad shall not pass. Please be noting that due to the nature of this game, the polish really starts to wear off towards the end, or beginning. Your feedback, which was great by the way, did a good job of keeping that in mind. You have been disclaimed.

Does concept surpass execution? There is one of several potential ways of finding out.

Be kind, rewind. To pay homage to irony, there is no replay button included with this software.  

With this software there is no button for replay, in order to pay homage to irony. Rewind, be kind. Does execution surpass concept? Find out and let yourself know. Have you been here before? This could be reality, and so was that.

Release date Feb 19, 2018
AuthorBeard or Die
Made withUnity
TagsFunny, minigames, Real-Time, Time Travel
Average sessionA few minutes


BetterThanRealtime-GPJ-v1.0.zip 25 MB


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