[Update: Added WebGL build. Non-Gamers can play WebGL and pick their nose. Just make it full-screen, for crying out loud. Real gamers should play and rate the Windows build. The correct rating is the highest rating.]

Well worth the Windows-only 20mb install size, this triple A quality, full-length, award-winning experience is worthy of all the praise that every human being in existence has heaped upon it. Far from a short prototype, this is a complete masterpiece. You'll have no regrets spending hours upon hours with this polished executable running efficiently in your computer memory. The UI design alone has won 20458502 awards, well-deserved!  The definitely-existing, non-silent original soundtrack is breathtaking. The Xbox One controller support is more supported than any support ever supported before. If you're a mouse-and-keyboard kind of person, you won't be handicapped in the slightest-- trust me! Contains a very convenient Quit button that you can't miss, so don't even worry about it, you wouldn't ever need to ALT-F4, don't be ridiculous.

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 3.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorBeard or Die
Made withUnity
InputsGamepad (any)

Install instructions

Drag it straight into the recycle bin, and it'll boot right up!


ButtonSliderToggle-Win64.zip 20 MB

Development log


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Fun to play! Also infuriating.

Very Clever. I really enjoyed it, and while it was only made in 8 hours, you managed to get a good bit done. I liked it!

Nice idea!

Thanks. I could only devote about 8 hours total to this jam, sadly, so I was definitely looking to just get across a concept. Nothing groundbreaking, I admit, but I wanted to participate something so I could rate other games! :)