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I accomplished a quantifiable amount for this jam-release version, but the game is incomplete. Totally playable, and you really should. As for my plans for what could have been and what-may-be, future-like: There were to be many more tracks to play in the Spotty app, many more channels and Direct Messages in the SlackOff app, and more apps. There were to be many more physics click-and-draggables and entangler-bobs. There were to be puzzles and professional voice actors. There were to be raytraces and path-traces and traces of illicit substances.

I didn't bother with WebGL build because of the graphical fidelity, which is somewhere between Frogger and Cyberpunk 2077. Also it has lots of Physics interaction, and stuff that WebGL generally doesn't play nice with.

Credits: Mostly "TheBaseMesh" for the 3D models I carefully selected.









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A Magical Journey Through Space by Leonell Cassio


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Space Jazz Cafe by The Loyalist


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Free Download / Stream: https://bit.ly/3HKaz42

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Entanglement-Windows.zip 49 MB

Install instructions

Instructions: Download the thing. Unzip the thing. Find the EXE thing and double-click that thing. Play the thing, rate the thing, leave those feedback and rating things.


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Your game starts at 00:00. Excellent demo! We are really looking forward to the final build. The parody computer programs made us chuckle and the staff messaging told the beginning of an intriguing story. Keep up the good work and thanks for giving the option to free roam the office!
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Hey that's super nice of you. I commented on the YouTube video. I feel like you really "got" it.