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Play around with that one red ball from your childhood. Remember how it smells? Remember how it feels when it smashes into your face? Now it's your turn to smash that ball in its face! Or, uhh, whatever; just play with the ball.

You may choose to kick the ball by running right into it with WASDQE, or you can use the mouse buttons (all three of them) to kick it here and there. Arrow Keys can also kick the ball. Spacebar kicks it hard in a random direction.

The objective is to get the ball to each target before the target moves. Complete all objectives to get the best time and highest score. Or ignore all that and play around with the ball to your heart's content.

This game was made in about one and a half days, with a good chunk of sleep in between, for Pizza Jam 3.

NOTE: The play area is just the test scene from Unity 2018.2, which I did not make, but I did tweak it a bit. I don't deserve any credit for how good it looks. If it looks bad, though, I probably broke it somehow. You're welcome. Other credit: ball texture here.


iball_pizzajam3_initialbuild.zip 36 MB


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Cool game!  I am so bad it lol I think I had a score of -10.  GG

I like the concept although I would advice the spacebar to be reserved for flying upwards. The model of the ball is nice, a shame though that you used the assets from the lighting package. They are fitting though.