MXR - a minimalist step sequencer

I am pleased to share that my jam entry for the 2022 GamesPlusJam is published. This is a minimalist step sequencer / beat maker with a built-in drum kit. Click to place steps, right-click to change the sample, and scroll-wheel to adjust the volume of individual steps.

I hope to implement Saving and Loading of your sequences, and maybe even sharing and rating of others' sequences. This will never be a full step sequencer. I just wanted to know if my game development skills were good enough to make this, and I was also interested in the technicalities of WebGL. Turns out WebGL hated some of the shaders I wanted to use, but the timing of the playback is better than I expected. Unity WebGL seems to do behind-the-scenes stuff with volume levels, which is not great for a step sequencer, so I would only recommend this for use as a tinker-toy rather than to make professional beats.

Please do share with the community if you come up with some nice beats!

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Mar 13, 2022

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