NOTE: Saving and Loading were implemented AFTER the jam deadline. This works by showing you a 7-digit code for you to write down, because WebGL disallows copy/paste.

This is a minimalist step sequencer for the 2022 GamesPlusJam, built in less than 34 hours.

Controls: Left Click to add/remove step, Right Click to change the sample, Scroll-Wheel to adjust volume.

Please share your beats with the community by sharing your 7-digit sequence codes! :)

Low poly models are from polyperfect's commercial Low Poly Ultimate Pack. Sound samples are from Ghosthack commercial and free packs. Icons are from the TablerIcons pack by Paweł Kuna (MIT License). I used helpful Unity Editor tools like Odin Inspector, Pixelplacement Surge, and Dynamic UV.

StatusIn development
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AuthorBeard or Die

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348 BPM

By the way, I don't know how you calculate the BPM, but that number needs to be cut in half to be accurate to real-world tempos, lol.


I had a feeling I wasn't mathing right. I guess it's more "Steps Per Minute". So I loaded your sequence and mixed up the samples. Same BPM. Check it out: 5468EE4

Follow-up: I am dumb and did not read the controls beforehand, so I didn't realize how customizable everything is! This is even cooler than I thought it was. Perhaps I should have also given positive feedback when I made my first post 😂

Yeah it do be customizable. :)  I call this remix "Maximalization": E63E49E   324 BPM. Eventually I'll fix the BPM readout.