The Windows version is better looking (baked lightmaps, reflection probes, Post Processing ambient occlusion), better sounding, and runs much better physics! The WebGL version... well, it runs.

This is a point-and-click Poltergeist Simulator that is short but hopefully a little bit polished. I came down with COVID after Day 1, so my lofty plans were cut very short. I spent one additional day or so on it to finish it as I was recovering. Most of the jam period I spent coughing up a lung with a fever.

Full Unity Project available here (160 mb).
Core scripts available here (6 mb).

Full Credits:


"Endless Sadness" (FREE):

Guitar Drop SFX (FREE CC0):

Light Flicker SFX (FREE CC0):

Metal SFX (FREE CC0):

Scare SFX (FREE CC0):

Door Slam SFX (FREE CC0):

Various repurposed footstep sounds (FREE):

Tons of meshes:

The Base Mesh (FREE CC0):

CGAxis (FREE with attribution):

White Door

MMFeedbacks Public (free, but Pro version is now available as FEEL on the Asset Store):

Update: added a few more objects from The Base Mesh, that's it.


Download 46 MB


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This unexpectedly gave me goosebumps. Dramatic, Scary, Horror!! Good stuff!