A downloadable game for Windows


Once upon a game, being played by you, there was a character to be slightly customized by you, baddies to be shot by you, and several words to be read by you, in this plenty-of-a-kind post-apocalyptic setting. Explore the verbose landscape of questionable intrigue. Encounter anachronistic descriptors like you have often seen before. Choose your own path in second-person point of view and present-tense.


- If you see a "Loot" option, yeah, it doesn't work. You're welcome!

- Horrendous game architecture means the order of the narrative may not be... in order. But it should be roughly in order. It's not entirely out of order, is what I'm saying. Your face is out of order!


LD41-SPS.zip 24 MB


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Well, that was fun. And beautifully written.