A downloadable game for Windows

NEW: WebGL version playable here: https://beard.games/the-goodener/
(Nothing new added; appropriate for ratings)

The Goodener is a small game (and short, too) of astronomical consequences and grammatical nonsensibility. Minimal yet present replayability.

Controls: Left-click. That's it. Keeping it real.

Quit: ALT+F4 like a boss (because reloading the scene didn't work in the build, and I'm going to bed now)

Install instructions

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TheGoodener-JamVersion.zip 25 MB

Development log


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Interesting concept and funny writing, but it's pretty short.

Thanks. Yes my calendar was very full during the jam so I couldn't devote much time on this. But I couldn't pass it up entirely, so I figured a tiny game was better than no game. No sound either, so I'm not looking for high scores or anything. :).  Thanks for playing and for the feedback.