Made in just ~6 hours for the Wanna x Yam Game Jam 2022! So temper your expectations to a tempered temperature, or I'll throw a temper-tantrum.

A short, humorous (according to the author), interactive story where you can choose how things go down. With tightly-knit dialogue trees that don't branch very much at all, you'll be wondering why you were given a choice in no time! Bonus understanding is given to Unity developers. Bonus misunderstanding is given to non-Unity developers who will be out of the for loop. In fact, you might even say this is a sort of combination (yswidt?) of Unity game development and non-Unity game development, in a theme-obeying way.

Length: <1 second if you read and click REALLY fast. About 3 to 6 minutes if you read as fast as you probably read, probably.

Mobile-friendly. This interactive story is platonic friends with mobile phones.

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