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Do you like air hockey? Do you like the eighties? Do you like other things? Neato.

This game has features. Here are some of the those things:
- A synthwave-inspired aesthetic because originality.
- Artwork wholly comprised of primitive shapes because artistic ability!
- A dubwave soundtrack comprised of one track that likes to be considered as two different tracks! Groove to its/their beat! [Beat assembled with "Beat Maker Go" free Android app]
- A surprisingly high framerate count. Please count them all individually!
- A diverse assortment of colors ranging from several similar pinks to several indistinguishable blues and the purples that reside joyously between those two colors!
- Achievable achievements for you to achieve while playing the game! Don't worry, a convenient popup with a severely loud and high-pitched noise will indicate when you may congratulate yourself for your accomplishment!
- A number of easter egg(s) to be discovered for those that dare (the number is one)!
- Two entirely different glitches turned into achievements. No bugs here! Features aplenty.
- A paragraph of text to ignore at the beginning! Gladly ignore this explanatory sentence about it as well!
- Heavily complaint-worthy lack of rebindable controls! Instead, use the hardcoded ones and smile! Works with a controller? You tell me-- I never tried!
- Gameplay that lasts the exact duration of the looping soundtrack, for which you have complete mastery over the volume levels.
- Altogether unnecessary toggle to switch off post-processing visual effects. Unnecessary because the framerate is so high even at the highest quality settings! Bask in performant glory.
- Enough rounds to qualify as "several" rounds. Count them: FOUR-- not one, not two, not seventy-three, but FOUR rounds of progression! Of a kind!
- Beat your own best time! (The time is not tracked. Use a stopwatch! Then take a polaroid and snail mail it to me!)
- Replayability! For the lovers of repetition!
- And finally: Replayability! For the lovers of repetition!

WebGL version coming maybe later for the obstinate! In fact, no, I've decided WebGL wrecks the entire gameplay experience. Neato!

However, do enjoy yourself a good OST (downloadable MP3) or Soundcloud:

Install instructions

No installation necessary. Download the zip. Unzip the zip. Find and run the exe file like a boss. Don't run a virus scanner because security is just fine. Don't believe that pesky Windows SmartScreen. Trust me because I am a stranger you just downloaded an executable file from!


TurboFlux3000-Win64bit.zip 33 MB
TurboFlux3000-source-UnityProject.zip 17 MB
ClubHouseDubRawGroove - assembled by Beard or Die in BeatMakerGo.mp3 5 MB

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