Post-Jam Fixes

As if I had no need for sleep at all during these last 72 hours, I spent several more hours after the initial jam game submission to fix the most glaring bugs. It is now at least reminiscent of a game. I don't currently plan to continue development on this. It's a point and click game for a laugh. Here are the fixes applied for version 2:

- Enabled missing "Zabbos" parcel
- Cleaned up UI text formatting/visibility
- Fixed "Comast" logo
- Fixed clicking on parcels
- Reimplemented mouse-look and zoom for power-users
- Patched up some truck colliders. Goat Simulator effect only somewhat diminished for sustained hilarity
- Tuned round pacing and parcel batch quantity
- Fixed Middle-click FUNctionality for semi-replayability
- Fixed SFX volume slider
- Fixed issue where a player who likes to skip ahead gets camera stuck
- Highscore is still fake. This is a feature, not a bug. Or is it?

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Dec 05, 2017

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Pressing R to restart was working initially, but in the actual build, some variables/static objects were not getting reset properly. so I just had to make R quit the game entirely, so you'll have to run the game again to play again. Sorry 'bout that. Not going to fix it, though. Enjoy!