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United Parcel Force
(Disclaimer: Any similarity to actual logos is purely intentional due to this being a parody, which is protected by something called a "Constitution" or whatever, maybe.)

Theme: The More You Have, The Worse It Is
Developed by Beard or Die for Ludum Dare 40, December 1-4, 2017

Special Thanks to Youtube Channels teaching Unity game development, including but not limited to: Derek Banas, Brackeys, BurgZerg Arcade, Unity3d.college, Jayanam, and Dumb Game Dev. Plenty of others, but these are the best I've found thus far. You are appreciated!

CONTROLS: Mouse and Keyboard.  Point and click.  ESC to Pause.  (Sorry, no reloading). Try right-click, left-click, middle-click, scrollwheel, and dragging.

This is basically a joke mini-game with an intro sequence. It's my first game jam game, and was built mainly to practice C# coding and utilization of my paid and free Unity assets.  90% of time on visuals, sound, and intro sequence. 10% of time on gameplay. Lesson learned! More lessons learned: Coroutines can become confusing; Unity's Animation panel is pretty terrible; Sirenix Odin is well worth the money; sometimes you just have to restart the computer; a laptop without a graphics card is not great for 3D game development (duh-- it can't even run Crysis); exposing UnityEvents in the Inspector is pretty neat; sleep is NOT overrated; and more.

ATTRIBUTIONS: Sound effects obtained from soundfx.co.uk and zapsplat.com; some Creative Commons Zero.

There's not a whole lot of original code here-- nor gameplay; it's pretty much just a mashup of paid and free Unity Asset Store assets, but the code that I have the right to share is up on GitHub. Using the source code as a project may not work very well (or at all) unless you install several of the assets I used. Here is a complete list:

  • PAID: Odin, Hierarchy PRO 2.2, TransformPro 1.3.2,
  • FREE TOOLS: MultiTags 2.1, Spawning Pool 1.0.1, iTween 2.0.8
  • FREE MATERIALS: Yughues Free Concrete Materials 1.0, Yughues Free Pavement Materials 1.0, Yughues Free Metal Materials 1.1
  • FREE 3D MODELS/PROPS/ENVIRONMENTS: Free Shipping Containers 2.0, Worldskies Free 1.0, Single Detailed Truck 1.0.2, Forklift 1.0, Realistic Cardboard Boxes (PBR, HQ) 1.0
  • ASSETS BY UNITY: Cinemachine 2.1.10, Default Playables 1.0, Unity Particle Pack 1.3, Post Processing Stack 1.0.4, TextMesh Pro 1.0.55.xx.0b12

Update: Post game jam version fixes several bugs. Check devlog for details.

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