A short game made (primarily) for the One Minute Jam #6 and (secondarily) for Ludum Dare 50 (Extra). Survive a minute by trading your score (retained upon death) for new abilities/upgrades. Inspired by the fantastic mobile game "Magic Survival"


CREDITS: Made by Beard or Die. Sounds selected from various purchased Humble Bundle packs. Wobbly shader by Sokpop. Started with this character controller: https://gist.github.com/MarcelvanDuijnDev/1c09cd8501927395c2e64162b8b8652f and this camera controller: https://gist.github.com/MarcelvanDuijnDev/94938645e584b7031731fe39c658ec4c

IDEAS for expansion: The enemy spawn areas and method is rudimentary so I'd like to improve that significantly. I'd like to make a longer-than-a-minute version with more abilities, more varied enemies, bigger effects for taking out groups of enemies. I've love your ideas and feedback for this small prototype.

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